Namakkal is declared Eco-Friendly town, know as an Industrial hub and one of the pilgrimage centres in down south. In the heart of the town a hillock of single rock and a fort on the top acknowledged as a National Monument. the hillock known as Namagiri lend its name to the town. Namakkal is an eminent town right from Himalaya and down to Kanyakumari because of Kavingnar Ramalingam Pillai, the poet and enthusiastic devotee of Namagiriamman, Sri Narahari Aachar and the Mathematic wizard Ramanujar, are born and brought up from here. The hillock also known as Sri Salagramam means the image of Maha Vishnu or a divine stone. After replaced Sanjeevi at its location, Hanuman on his way back to Srilanka with a Salagramam. From the sky he saw the Kamalalayam, a scared water tank down below. In order to perform his morning Sooriya Vanthanam he alights at the bank of Kamalalayam. He placed the Salarramam on the bank of Kamalalayam and sat on rumination. When he awake from his meditation he had seen the Salagramam grown from his meditation he had seen the salagramam grown as a massive one not able to lift. then Namagiriamman appeared in front of him and blessed him with boons and asked him to leave the grown Salagramam there it self. Hanuman was spellbound on the unexpected vision, and generostity of Namagiriamman left the Salagramam where it became enormous in size.